DEAR La-iad Jaah & ศฟทกีฟื ย้ำะหฟะ + cpy good friends,  

Here is a good morning/day (East-West) to you all as the very first E-mail ever written on this new computer by someone really needing a shave, ref. pict, and sailing in W1348"Maitken" out to celebrate mid-summer evening with Ken jr.(the photographer and installer of this new PC-equipment) and Jan and AnneLise with her sister - and we had a splendid evening,  where Ken and I arrived after a fresh quite windy sail to really enjoy the nice food+vine in lovely sunshine until 12 min. bef. 23:00/11:00p.m.EUR-time in dry lukewarm air - red T-shirt and shorts! Fantastic, and the day after only 6 months to Christmas Eve !! But somehow nobody seemed to appreciate my info about this !

Our very best wishes with lots of love from here. Ken jr. & Ken sr.





Coming into shelter.



  Lots of  people out in the Skerries - enjoying Life !