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N.Cape at Lat. N. 71* 10' 21" and plateau 304 m abv Sea Level.  Most Nothern Spit/tongue of land of Norway is the low point, Knivskjellodden, on the left at Lat. N. 71* 11' 08" about 8,5 km West of N.Cape.
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  Finnmark, summer 2005   KVALSUND, midnight sun shows in the sound(at midnight!)   By fam. Holmgren after 30hrs drive from Oslo  
  REPPARFJD. seen from fam. Holmgren   "Good morning skipper Jon!" Fog drifting in    Launch HAMMERFEST - low exit-bridge(Ken sr., Jo & Jon)  
  "We have started!"   Dep. HAMMERFEST - Cruiseliner in background   "Trim that W.!" Coach on mob. "Snøhvit"(Snowwhite) oilsearch-isle behind.  
  By road twds. N.Cape - looking NE   Tunnel to MAGERØY('barren isle') and N.Cape 212m below sea. Ken jr. posing in windy cond.   At GJESVÆR awaiting W4935  
  - same -  plus dry fish(stock-fish) on 'our' jetty   W4935 arr. at 23:10 lt. after long day!   - same - drifting in  
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